Beautiful Exterior / Interior Renovation

This renovation was one of our favorites to date. It was a complete interior and exterior renovation and we were able to redesign the interior to fit the needs of the new family. However, it was not without its obstacles!

The Exterior Renovation

  • Replace All Cast Iron Underground Plumbing

  • Heavy Structural Framing

  • Replace All Siding

  • Construct New Open Cedar Covered Porch

  • New Roof

  • Replace All Windows

Interior Renovation

  • New Insulation

  • New Drywall

  • Site Built Custom Cabinetry 

  • Stack Stone Fireplace Facade 

  • New Interior Doors

  • New Flooring

40’x60′ Carport

Soon, we were commissioned to return and construct a 40’x60’ carport with storage attached. 

This required the installation of 4 giant laminated beams, which can be seen in the following photos. We then constructed the remainder of the build as we would any other wood framed building. 

  • Construct a 40’x60′ Carport with Attached Storage

  • Install LED Recessed Lighting

Simply a gorgeous outcome of both renovations and I’m proud and grateful to have been selected to make these dreams a reality!