Rebuilding a Fire Ravaged Residence

On January 1, a fire broke out at this residence in the middle of the night. The fire and extinguishing efforts caused significant interior, exterior and structural damage. This led to a crossroad decision: keep the building and renovate or demolish and reconstruct?

Time To Rebuild

Ultimately, the customer decided to retain the original structure and instead do a full renovation.

  • Add 210 square feet of living space

  • Raise the living room ceilings to 10’

  • Integrate a hip style roof in place of the gable roof

  • Install all new windows, doors, siding and roof

  • Completely redesign the interior

  • Stabilize the foundation by removing the “telephone poles” on which the home sat and replace them with new concrete block columns with termite shields

The Renovation Continues

  • Addition of a standby generator

  • 600 square feet of covered deck

  • New driveway

  • New plumbing and electrical

  • New fully communicating, variable speed, super high efficiency HVAC system

Upon completion, the home will attractive, efficient, comfortable and practical. Stay tuned for further updates.